Ricola Herbal candle How-To

Herbal candle


The scent of herbs is in the air. Have you ever made an herbal candle? They give rooms a touch of coziness and warmth. A homemade herbal candle can also serve as a luscious gift for every individual taste.

Herbal candles



1 candle




Jars, one larger than the other


Sprigs of herbs (e.g. thyme)

30 cm


1. Place the smaller jar inside the larger one. 

2. Arrange the sprigs of herbs in the space in between the two jars.

3. Place the candle inside the inner jar and tie a ribbon around the outer jar.

4. Tip: there is no fire risk as the sprigs of herbs are in between the two glasses. However, herbal candles should never be left unattended once they are lit.


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Herbal candles
Ricola Herbal candles How-To - Step  1
Ricola Herbal candles How-To - Step  2


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