Cultivating our herbs

Our crop practices are based on care and respect for our plants and the people who cultivate them. A labour of patience and dedication.


The herb farmers start to plant the seeds from mid-April. The herbs are highly sensitive during the early stages of growth. To ensure that no harm comes to the crops due to unforeseen cold snaps, the farmers can wait up to a month or more before sowing the seeds in growing regions at higher altitudes. We are patient with our plants and take the time they need to grow and flourish naturally.


Sowing the seeds calls for dedication and precision. The size and location of the cultivated area determines whether our farmers use machines or manual labour to work the land effectively. They would rather examine every leaf individually for pests than ruin the crops by treating them with chemicals. And commitment to natural processes pays off: all of our herbs are strong, aromatic and bursting with flavour.


Our farmers practice crop rotation to maximize the fertility of the earth and help the individual fields and plants to stay strong and healthy. We rely on this natural method for cultivating herbs and strongly oppose the use of artificial fertilisers as a substitute for missing nutrients. This also leads to increased biodiversity.

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