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Ricola is all about soothing refreshment – and diverse apprenticeships. We really care about young talent. At our Ricola teaching center in Laufen, we train apprentices in six professions, from commercial apprentices to food technology specialists, through to automation technicians.

During their apprenticeship with us, apprentices are carefully monitored and as part of the team, are involved in many of the decision-making processes. Over time, they will learn how to work ever-more independently and will learn not only about their department and their future job, they will also get to know the Ricola company as a whole. And sometimes, that’s a whole new world in itself!

What makes an apprenticeship at Ricola stand out is the surprising variety on offer, among other things. Our apprentices have the opportunity to rotate through several departments and to complete different internships. As a result, teaching is extremely multifaceted and the apprentices’ pool of experience continually grows. A lively rapport among the apprentices, practical trainers and other employees certainly adds to this. We take our duty as a training organization very seriously and carry out regular feedback sessions with the apprentices and regularly review our apprenticeship program. If something doesn’t work as well as we hoped, we promptly implement the required changes.

Next stop, Laufen!

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«During my commercial apprenticeship, I gained insight into the wide range of activities in six different departments and met lots of interesting people. That helped me quickly adapt to and internalize the Ricola culture.»

Nicole Volpe, former commercial apprentice, today Accountant at Ricola

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