Ricola’s values

Taking responsibility

The stringent quality standards that Ricola applies to all business areas is the underlying factor in every decision made within the company. The top priorities at Ricola are to ensure our raw materials are of the highest quality and to maintain the exceptional standards that apply when producing our various herb specialties. This is why our herbs are cultivated using natural methods in the Swiss mountains. 

At Ricola, success in commercial terms is not an end in itself. In fact, it should come as the byproduct of our responsibility towards our employees, society, and the environment. This is why our corporate philosophy incorporates both economic and social values. This is evidenced through our commitment to preserving and promoting cultural values and charitable projects.


Code of Conduct


Ricola embraces a sustainable approach when it comes to our thoughts and actions. For decades now, it has been the cornerstone of all our corporate management decisions. Our sustainability strategy rests on strong foundations, as reflected in our corporate motto “Sustainability is our way of life”.

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The architectural dialogue with Herzog & de Meuron

Basel-based architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron has designed seven different new building and renovation projects for Ricola on behalf of the Richterich family since 1983.

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The Ricola Collection 

The shareholders in the Ricola family holding company have been curating and adding to the Ricola collection of contemporary art from Switzerland since 1975. The works are displayed on the Group’s premises for its employees to view. The collection is also presented to the public on company tours, during which attendees are free to experience and discuss the works of art in an industrial setting far removed from museum conditions.

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Ricola Foundation

An affinity for culture and nature

Founded in 2010, the Ricola Foundation is a corporate foundation intended to support nature and cultural projects. In particular, it develops and provides financial support for projects that investigate and seek to gain a better understanding of people’s livelihoods in terms of nature and culture.

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The Emil and Rosa Richterich-Beck Foundation

Regional support for social and cultural projects

The Emil and Rosa Richterich-Beck Foundation supports cultural and social projects, especially those in the Laufen (Basel-Landschaft) region. The foundation was established in 1975 by Alfred Richterich and Hans Peter Richterich in memory of their parents Rosa and Emil Richterich-Beck, the founders of the modern-day Ricola Group.

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