Herbs have to be cultivated properly in order to experience their full flavour and intensity. For us, plant cultivation is a cycle of activity that encompasses sowing the seeds, harvesting the crops, transporting the product and planting the fields again. Ricola uses natural cultivation methods that respect and protect the environment.

Right on time

Our herb farmers are extremely patient. They wait until the herbs are brimming with valuable active ingredients before harvesting them. The timing is key. We are extremely strict about it – it is essential in order to produce Ricola’s specialist herb products.

The right speed

After the herbs are harvested, we cannot afford to waste time. We work quickly to transport the freshly cut herbs to our drying facility at the herb centre in Laufen. We keep the transport routes short in order to conserve the active ingredients as effectively as possible.

The right quality

Only the best cut it at Ricola. The herbs undergo a quality assessment to determine whether they meet our strict quality requirements in terms of freshness, colour, aroma, purity, content and active ingredient quota – the herbs have to pass all of these tests before we use them.

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