Growing regions

Our herbs grow at sites in Valais, Emmental, Val Poschiavo, the southern foothills of the Jura mountains and Central Switzerland. Over one hundred highly experienced herb farmers attend to the small plants that thrive in the soil types that are unique to the Swiss mountains. This is where the energy in every Ricola sweet comes from.

The best conditions for healthy crops

Every herb has unique requirements that need to be met if it is to become healthy and strong. This is why our cultivation methods are aligned with the various climates, sites and soil conditions. In Emmental and the southern foothills of the Jura mountains, acidic soil and relatively high rainfall create the ideal environment in which to grow peppermint crops. Meanwhile, the warm, dry climate and light, stony soil in Valais and the Val Poschiavo valley – sometimes at altitudes of 1,000 metres above sea level – are ideal for the cultivation of sage and thyme.

Robust and pure

The harsh mountain climate keeps the herbs used in Ricola’s products robust and pure. We use growing regions that are situated as far away from industrial areas and traffic as possible. This enables us to protect our herbs and prevent them from coming into contact with pollutants and other harmful substances.

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