Ricola Glass herb ornament How-To

Glass herb ornament


Herbs aren’t just for cooking; they are perfect for decoration, too. All you need is a glass bauble which you can decorate with herbs however you like. They also make perfect Christmas baubles.

Glass herb ornament



6 baubles

1 sprig

Of different herbs and herb blossoms of your choice per bauble


  • Resealable glass balls

1. First, carefully open the glass balls. 

2. Then place the herbs and herb blossoms inside and reseal.

3. Et voilà! Your decorative glass herb ornaments are ready to be put on display.


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Glass herb ornament
Ricola Glass herb ornament How-To - Step  1
Ricola Glass herb ornament How-To - Step  2
Ricola Glass herb ornament How-To - Step  3



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