Ricola Gift wrap How-To


Gift wrap

Why not get creative when you wrap gifts for your loved ones and try out something new? Sprigs of herbs are a great way to freshen up your gift wrapping. Little sprigs really come into their own when set against some plain wrapping paper.

Gift wrap



Variable according to size of gift

1 roll

Gift wrap of your choice

20 m

String, e.g. craft twine

Some sprigs

Herbs, e.g. rosemary, thyme


  • Pens

  • Labels, gift tags

1. Wrap the presents as usual with your chosen gift wrap. The herbs look best against a monochrome-style gift wrap.

2. Next, tie the string around the package. You can create different patterns.

3. Now fix the herb sprigs underneath the parcel string and decorate your gifts with name tags.

Gift wrap
Ricola Gift wrap How-To - Step  1
Ricola Gift wrap How-To - Step  2
Ricola Gift wrap How-To - Step  3
Ricola Gift wrap How-To - Step  4


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