Processing the herbs

At Ricola, production is a matter of strictly controlled operations. This preserves the natural ingredients and aromas.

Step by step

Freshly dried Ricola Herbs
1400t per year

Taking the herbs from the field and turning them into the end product is a long process. Even so, some steps are extremely quick. For example, we use short transport routes to deliver the freshly harvested herbs to our herb center in Laufen. Over 1,400 tons of fresh herbs are processed at the center each year. After drying, they are cleaned, cut and stored. Mixing is the final step. These herbs are used to create the unique 10-herb mixture which serves as the basis for all Ricola products.

A well-kept secret

The herbs are transferred from the herb center to the production facility via an underground route. The valuable ingredients are extracted from the herbs at this facility. The extraction process itself was designed by Ricola and is top secret. It was developed to ensure that the intensive aromas of the herbs are fully preserved.

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