Ricola Irritated Throat

Irritated Throat

When every swallow feels like sandpaper in your throat, there’s only one thing to do: try these secret recipes from Ricola!

Tips and tricks

“I always gargle with salt water.”
Monika Mayer, consumer services Switzerland

“My anti-sore-throat remedy is as follows: I mix raspberries and thyme and cook them for ten minutes, then add honey. I’ll then take the mixture four to five times a day.”
Anna Jan, Sales Support Manager Emerging Markets

“I find gargling sage tea helps.”
Patrik Hänggi, secretary of the Board of Directors, CEO support team

“Fortunately I’ve got sage growing in my garden. When I feel a sore throat coming on, I chew on a few fresh sage leaves.”
Dorothea Franz, postal service

“If my throat’s playing up, there’s only one thing that works for me: dissolving four or five Ricola herb drops in hot water and drinking it slowly.”
Erika Franco, HR