Lady’s mantle


The Latin name alchemilla is derived from the Arabic term al-kymia, which describes the natural philosophy of alchemy. The name “Lady’s mantle” comes from the enveloping shape of the leaves and the feminine impression the plant gives.

Alchemilla  vulgaris
Alchemilla vulgaris


Plant family Rosaceae
Flowering season May to August
Harvest Leaves: in flowering season
Contents High amount of tannins and bitter substances
Vegetation Landfill sites, the edge of forests, marshy grassland and mountainous regions

Interesting Facts


Lady’s mantle pumps excess water up from its shoots, where it then bubbles on the edge of the leaves. Alchemists believed that they needed this powerful “moon water” in order to produce the philosopher’s stone. In poetic terms, the “lady” hides this alchemical elixir in her “womb”, and wears a “mantle” in order to protect it. This is where the name comes from.