6 Ways to Soothe your Bad Traffic Vibes

The traffic is crazy, but you're crazier!

Traffic in Metro Manila is a sensitive topic for everybody. Don't worry! You're not going to get a list of opinions from us about how to solve this issue. We're just here to share with you a few tricks on how to deal with the stress without breaking the law. Mantra: The traffic is crazy, but you're crazier!

  1. First things first! Take deep breaths. You'll need it to endure the traffic and a long day at work.

  2. De-clutter your car. See that to-go coffee cup from last week? It's time for it to go, for real! Reducing the clutter in your car could help you find a happy space in the middle of the highway traffic.

  3. Go from work trip to food trip. Bring in your favorite snacks—cookies, chips, chocolate bars, and other bites that will take you to snack heaven—and nibble your way to your destination.

  4. Feeling tired? Pop a candy into your mouth! Make sure to go for a multitasking candy like Ricola! It tastes great and soothes the throat! Choose from five flavors: LemonMint, Alpin Fresh, Mountain Mint, Cranberry, and Original Herb.

  5. People-watch by checking out the passengers of the cars beside you. Make your imagination work and come up with a good story about them in your head.

  6. Have an LSS-worthy playlist or can't stop listening to the latest top 40 Tracks? Hit play and sing out loud like you're on carpool karaoke with Steve Corden! Let the music Soothe you!

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