Speak up and slay!

Sharing ideas with a friend? No big deal. Sharing ideas with a room full of colleagues or clients? Let's not go there. Public speaking is a whole other story. It's a common fear but with enough practice and right mind-set, you can beat the anxiety, improve your skills, and be good at speaking in front of a large audience. Here are five tips to get your started.

  1. Watch and listen.
    Start by watching public speaking videos and follow various speeches of speakers. Observe the clarity, content, and flow of their talk to get a stronger grasp on how to be an effective speaker. TED Talks is a great start!

  2. Read often.
    Read anything—newspapers, magazines, novels, or online articles. Read aloud so you can hear yourself and until you get used to speaking in full volume.

  3. Record your voice.
    Record or video yourself while speaking. You need to get used to seeing and hearing yourself while talking. Observe your diction and gestures. Find what makes you comfortable while speaking in public.

  4. Prep and soothe your throat.
    Avoid eating sweets and drinking cold beverages. Protect your voice even more and grab a Ricola drop, which is made of a blend of 13 Swiss herbs to soothe your throat with refreshing and delicious flavors!

  5. Speak up!
    Lastly, speak up even if it scares you! Do it as often as you can until you feel comfortable in front of an audience. As the saying goes, "Don't practice until you get it right; practice until you can't get it wrong." You got this!

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