10 Times You'll Need Ricola In Your Life

Put Ricola in your bag's emergency kit, stat!

We give you ten situations that will prove that this throat-soothing herb drop deserves a space in your beauty or medicine kit all day, err'day.

  1. When you practiced too much for a presentation or a meeting and your throat feels tired right before the big day.

  2. During rainy season because seasonal changes cause bacteria that may lead to itchy throat.

  3. When you drink cold beverages like sodas and other sugary drinks. Counter that buildup of dryness with a drop of Ricola!

  4. After a night out of Karaoke with your friends. Singing your heart out the whole night can take its toll on your throat!

  5. When you have a sore throat! Battle that itchy feeling in your throat while scheduling a check up with your doctor.

  6. Got caught in the rain last night and feeling under the weather. Pop a Ricola and regain the confidence in your voice.

  7. When you screamed too much watching the big game or your favorite shows!

  8. The harsh environment and pollution from walking around in the city all day could really take a toll on your throat. Soothe your discomfort away with a fresh drop of Ricola Original herb.

  9. When you feel a flu coming along. Fight off that tingling feeling in your throat with a drop of Ricola.

  10. For a big presentation with a client. Sometimes, nervousness can also dry out the throat. Soothe that dryness away with a Ricola herb drop and take your pick at the wide variety of flavors.

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