10 Things Performers Can Relate To Before Performing

All the real drama is behind the curtain.

After a night of rehearsals, set aside your script and have a good dose of fun with this list!

When the stage manager gives you "the face" when you're late.

We all hate the guilt that comes with being late but stage managers and directors have the ability to strike fear in any performer when they show up 9:04am instead of 9 o'clock.

There's no feeling better than seeing your name on the cast list.

After weeks of anticipation, especially after all the hard work you put into auditions seeing that all your work paid off is definitely something you have to experience yourself.

When you're itching to touch the props but there's a sign that says, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH."

The temptation is real! Especially when dealing with prop swords back stage. En Garde!

When opening night is just a few days away and you still need to look back at the script.

A performer's mind block is like running into a brick wall. Relax and trust that you've practiced enough, eventually you'll find yourself soothed enough to get over your nerves.

And you start consuming everything that will keep your throat healthy and at it's best.

TIP: Yes to a drop of Ricola before a show! Hot tea and other remedies but none taste as naturally soothing as Ricola. The good balance between the menthol with the unique Ricola herb blend helps to lubricate the vocal chord without drying the throat.

When you have other responsibilities other than theatre.

Juggling your passions and responsibilities will always be a point of tension in the life of a performer, but as the saying goes "The show must go on!"

When you receive a compliment like "Great show!" from the director.

There's no prouder moment than this. This is the approval you crave more than anyone else's. This is what we work for!

Costume Changes.

It makes you feel like a superhero doesn't it? Rushing back stage to change for the next scene; this must be what it's like when a superhero rushes into a phone booth and emerges with triumph in full costumed glory!

When you take a moment of silence before the show starts.

For the few seconds they kill the lights before the show; time stops and you recall every moment spent in rehearsals. It all comes down to this. Break a leg!

When you take a bow with pride during a standing ovation.

Months of rehearsal, hours under stage lights, throwing lines for days on end. Then suddenly it's all over. The greatest night of your life ends with a bow and applause, a feeling like no other. On to the next show!

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