Moroccan mint


Moroccan mint is cultivated in the Swiss mountains for use in Ricola Mountain Mint drops. Moroccan mint (or mentha spicata var. crispa in Latin) is originally from North Africa and is a natural variation of spearmint. Ricola developed a Swiss variant for local cultivation. Natural cultivation methods are essential to maximize the flavour of the Moroccan mint plant.

Mentha suaveolens
Mentha suaveolens


Plant family Lamiaceae (labiate)
Flowering season May to November
Harvest Leaves and stems in summer before flowering
Vegetation Sunny, alpine

A tasty tip

Tea – a national beverage

Tea, or more specifically mint tea, is Morocco’s national beverage. In middle-class Moroccan households, tea is traditionally prepared and served for guests in the lounge by the man of the house. The beverage is heated using a portable wood stove and is served in small glasses with lots of sugar.

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