Glacier Peppermint


Ricola grows its “glacier mint” herbs using natural methods on glacial moraines in Valais. However, glacier mint is not actually a type of plant – we use peppermint and Moroccan mint to create it.

Mentha x  piperita
Mentha x piperita


Plant family Lamiaceae (labiate)
Flowering season June to September
Harvest Before flowering: May to September
Signature properties Thriving perennial plants up to 90 cm high
Vegetation Cultivation on glacial moraines in Valais


In the sarcophagus

In the Middle Ages, spearmint was more likely to be cultivated than peppermint. However, evidence found in ancient Egyptian tombs indicates that peppermint (now much more widespread) was actually being harvested as far back as 1200 to 600 BCE. When a pharaoh died, the ancient Egyptians placed mint in the sarcophagus alongside him in order to protect him on his journey to the afterlife. Peppermint continues to be used today in the production of cosmetics and perfumes due to its pleasant aroma.

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