Ricola Room spray How-To


Room spray

Give your rooms a pleasant freshness with a homemade room spray. The do-it-yourself room spray can be easily adapted to your fancy: How about a soothing lavender scent or what do you think of a pleasant mint scent?

Room spray



Makes 1 x 150ml bottle of room spray

Main ingredients

90 ml

Distilled water

1 tbsp

Alcohol from the pharmacy (from 40 % Vol.), or vodka

Individual ingredients depending on preferences

Soothing scent

Fresh lavender

Christmas scent

Oranges and cinnamon sticks

Cleansing scent

Pine sprig and bay leaves

Refreshing scent

Lime, thyme and mint


  • 1 spray bottle with pump (approx. 150 ml)

1. Pour the alcohol into the bottle using a funnel.

2. Now add the essential oils/fresh herbs, seal the bottle and shake well.

3. Add the water, seal and shake again.

4. The room spray can now be used as desired in your home.

Room spray
Ricola Room spray How-To - Step  1
Ricola Room spray How-To - Step  2
Ricola Room spray How-To - Step  3
Ricola Room spray How-To - Step  4
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