Ricola Planting herbs How-To


Planting herbs

Put your green thumb to the test and plant herbs properly. You can't really go wrong with herb cultivation as long as you find a sunny spot for your pots.

Planting herbs



6 pots


Packs of herb seeds of your choice

1 bag

Of herb planting soil


Small pots


Wooden pegs


  • Small trowel

  • Gardening gloves

  • Waterproof pen

  • Spray bottle filled with water

1. Fill the individual pots almost to the brim with soil.

2. Then distribute the seeds across the soil.

3. Bear in mind that some seeds germinate in the dark and some in the light.

4. Those that germinate in the dark need to be covered with a little extra soil.

5. Write the names of the herbs on the pegs and clip these to each pot.

6. Place the pots in a bright, sunny spot.

7. Spray the soil with water every so often so it always stays moist.

8. Heavy watering is not recommended as this can push the seeds too far into the soil.

9. Now you need to wait for the seeds to germinate.

Planting herbs

Lemon balm




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