Ricola Herbal oil Recipe


Herbal oil

Enhance your oil with tasty herbs - you can make your own herbal oil effortlessly. Our herbal oil recipe tells you how.

Herbal oil



1 bottle

500 ml

Olive oil


Sprigs fresh herbs of your choice, e.g. sage, rosemary and thyme

A few

Further ingredients such as chilis and garlic to taste


  • Suitable sealable bottle


1 tbsp. oil

  • Energy

    127 kcal / 533 kJ

  • Carbohydrate

    0 g

  • Fat

    14 g

  • Protein

    0 g

1. Put the fresh herbs in the bottle. 

2. Then pour in the oil, making sure that the herbs are completely covered. For a more intense herbal taste, use a neutral-flavored oil such as sunflower or rapeseed oil. 

3. Finally, close the bottle tightly and ensure that it is airtight, as air can cause the oil to quickly turn rancid. 

4. Now wait around four weeks for the oil to absorb the herbal flavors. Ideally, leave the oil in a cool, dark place during this period. 

5. When the herbs have had enough time to steep, you can start using your homemade herbal oil to season your dishes. 

6. The herbal oil will keep for up to six months. 

Herbal oil
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Ricola Herbal oil Recipe - Step  2
Ricola Herbal oil Recipe - Step  3
Ricola Herbal oil Recipe - Step  4
Ricola Herbal oil Recipe - Step  5
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