Ricola Herbal ice cubes How-To


Herbal ice cubes

Normal ice cubes can be a bit boring. Pep up your drink with herb-infused ice cubes and give it an extra kick.

Herbal ice cubes

Total: 6h 5min | Active: 5min


12 ice cubes

4 tbsp

Mixed herbs (e.g. thyme, sage, rosemary etc.)

200 ml



  • Ice cube tray

1. Wash the herbs and pluck or cut off a few leaves and spread over the ice cube tray.

2. Pour water over the herbs.

3. Now place the filled ice cube tray into the freezer compartment and leave to freeze for 6 hours.

Herbal ice cubes
Ricola Herbal ice cubes How-To - Step  1
Ricola Herbal ice cubes How-To - Step  2


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