Ricola Drying herbs How-To


Drying herbs

How can you dry herbs properly? These tips and tricks will help you dry herbs perfectly!

Drying herbs

Total: 48h 10min | Active: 10min


10 bundles


Sprigs of herbs of your choice per bundle

3 m

String (30 cm per bundle)


  • Paper bags

1. Harvest the herbs before they blossom and give them a quick wash.

2. To dry the herbs, bundle a few stems together and hang them. Three to four stems per bundle is ideal, so the air can circulate and the moisture can escape.

3. Alternatively, you can place individual leaves on a thin sheet of paper, making sure the leaves are not too close together so the air can circulate. 

4. Herbs dry best in a dark place, or somewhere air can pass through, e.g. the attic. Avoid direct sunlight when drying, as this can damage the herbs.

5. Store the dried herbs in an opaque paper bag. Plastic or other containers that let light through are not ideal, as the light can damage the herbs.

6. The herbs need around 48 hours to dry.

Drying herbs

Lemon balm




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