Be more Swiss

Be more Swiss

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For the past six years, Switzerland has been ranked one of the happiest countries on the planet, in the World Happiness Report.

At Ricola, we’ve been creating herbal sweets in the fresh air of the Alps for over 80 years, so we know a thing or two about how to achieve that balanced Swiss lifestyle.

Whether it’s learning another language on your lunch break, perfecting your timekeeping in the mornings or appreciating the great outdoors at the weekend, there are plenty of things we can learn from our friends in Switzerland. So, let us share our secrets to happiness and show you how to BE MORE SWISS!

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Be More Swiss

  • Make the most of your surroundings, regardless of the weather!

    Home to some of the most breath-taking alpine scenery on the planet, it’s no wonder the Swiss embrace their natural surroundings, adventuring outdoors all year round – heading to the snow covered mountains in the winter and basking beside sun soaked lakes in the summer.

  • Practice punctuality

    Switzerland is synonymous with timekeeping. Not only does the country produce some of the most luxurious and prestigious timepieces in the world but the Swiss also have great respect for punctuality. From social gatherings, to business conferences to the country’s train and bus network (which is impeccable, by the way), everything in Switzerland runs on time. No excuses.

  • Find your work-life balance

    Life expectancy in Switzerland is 83, which is an impressive 11 years higher than the global average. There are many influencing factors here, one of which is the Swiss approach to careers and wellbeing. When it comes to work, flexible working hours are the norm, the Swiss make time for a proper lunch break and very few people in Switzerland claim to be overworked.

  • Be friendly 

    In Switzerland, it’s polite to greet everyone who crosses your path – especially those who quite literally cross you path on hiking trails. A simple “Grüezi” is used to greet strangers, whilst three kisses on alternate cheeks are used to welcome friends. 
    Interesting fact: According to old law, it’s illegal to own just one Guinea pig in Switzerland, as they’re prone to loneliness – we all need friends after all. 

  • Remember to rest

    Sunday is a day of rest in Switzerland, with most businesses closing as people focus on spending quality time with family and friends. 
    Interesting fact: According to old laws, in Switzerland it’s illegal to hang your washing out or mow your lawn on a Sunday!

  • Learn a new language. Oui? 

    Switzerland has four national languages – Swiss French, Swiss German, Swiss Italian and Romansch – spoken in four different regions across the country. Children are taught at least one additional national language at primary school, often alongside English, meaning many Swiss people are multilingual from a young age.


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