The media representative is granted the limited rights stated below to use the represented press images. The present rights holder retains the ownership of the images and the rights relating thereto.
The user undertakes to comply with the stated conditions of use. If he does not accept these conditions, he is not entitled to publish or reproduce the represented images or to use them in any other way, either himself or through third parties.
The images may not be modified, passed on to other persons or used for commercial purposes.
The images may be used solely for press reports about Ricola. This form of publication is free of charge.
All other forms of publication are permitted only with the consent of the rights holder.
The user of the images is required to publish the sources of the images. Furthermore, the user is required to send Ricola two copies of the final publication of printed products free of charge or to inform Ricola via e-mail of the exact web address in the case of internet publication.
Users who fail to comply with the terms and conditions of use are liable to prosecution under penal and civil law. The holders of the image rights are in all events entitled to demand additional fees.
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