The Ricola sweepstakes on the Ricola Facebook pages are organized and sponsored by Ricola Ltd., Baselstrasse 31, CH-4242 Laufen (Switzerland) (“Ricola”).
By entering this Sweepstake, you accept the following Terms and Conditions.
If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you may not participate in any form in the Sweepstake.
By accepting the Terms and Conditions you confirm that you had a FACEBOOK account before entering the Sweepstake and that you did not sign up to FACEBOOK in order to participate in the Sweepstake.


The sweepstakes run for two days after the publication of the post that names and describes the sweepstake.
You can enter the sweepstake by leaving a comment containing your answer under the Ricola Facebook post.


At the end of the sweepstake, one user will be drawn at random from all Facebook users who commented on the post.
The winner will receive the prize described in the corresponding sweepstake post.


The winner will be notified at the end of the sweepstake in a comment under the Facebook post and will be asked to send his/her postal address by e-mail to
The prize will be dispatched within five-ten working days after receiving the postal address.
Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be substituted for a cash payment. Prizes are not exchangeable.
If the prize cannot be delivered within 15 working days of the draw due to reasons associated with the winner (invalid address given etc.), the entitlement to the prize shall be forfeited.
Ricola is not liable for any delay in a winner’s receipt of prizes or for loss of prizes during postal delivery.


In general, all legitimate owners of a Facebook account.
Facebook users who are minors, however, can only participate with the consent of their parents. If minors participate without the consent of their parents, they cannot be awarded a prize. As such, Ricola reserves the right to request proof of parental consent before handing over a prize.
Full- or part-time employees of Ricola or any of its subsidiaries, including all those involved in the design and implementation of the Sweepstake, are excluded from entry in the Sweepstake.
Their cohabiting relatives, including cohabiting partners, are also excluded.
Participation is exclusively for registered FACEBOOK users.
Participation in this Sweepstake is not dependent on the purchase of goods or services or subscription to a newsletter.
Participation in the Sweepstake is free of charge.
Entrants will be responsible for their own standard Internet or other network provider tariffs and charges.
Ricola reserves the right to disqualify persons from entry if there are legitimate grounds, such as breach of the Terms and Conditions, multiple participation or (attempted) manipulation, and Ricola is entitled to initiate legal proceedings.
In case of grounds for disqualification (including the breach of these Terms and Conditions), prizes can also be retrospectively revoked or claimed back.
In case of disqualification on legitimate grounds, Entrants waive all rights to bring claims of any kind against Ricola or the Agency relating to the Sweepstake; in particular there is no entitlement to compensation for expenses incurred or time spent.


The Sweepstake is solely governed by Swiss law with the exclusion of Swiss conflict of law provisions.
After dispatching the prizes, Ricola shall be released from all obligations concerning the Sweepstake.
Ricola has statutory liability for personal injury (injury to life, limb or health) as expressly guaranteed or in accordance with product liability in cases of gross negligence, intent and fraudulent misrepresentation.
Any liability of Ricola arising from ordinarily negligent breaches of any fundamental contractual obligations shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damage.
Beyond this, any contractual and non-contractual liability of Ricola is excluded.


Ricola reserves the right, with the agreement of the responsible authorities, to cancel, terminate or suspend the Sweepstake as it deems necessary. This right in particular may be exercised if the Sweepstake cannot be completed as planned due to technical or legal reasons.
In case of legitimate termination, no claims may be asserted against Ricola.
For a copy of the Terms and Conditions, please send a self-adressed, stamped envelope to: Ricola Ltd. Brand & Communication Management, Baselstrasse 31, CH-4242 Laufen.


This Sweepstake is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or otherwise legally associated with FACEBOOK. FACEBOOK is not responsible for any of the published content in the context of this Sweepstake.
The recipient of the submitted information is not FACEBOOK but Ricola.
Ricola indemnifies FACEBOOK against third-party claims concerning this Sweepstake.
Any questions, comments or complaints concerning the Sweepstake shall not be directed to FACEBOOK but to Ricola at