Ricola Christmas Wreath with herbs How-To

Christmas Wreath with herbs


A Christmas wreath is just part of the holiday season. This self-made Advent wreath looks good and spreads a pleasant herbal scent. With these instructions, you can easily make it yourself.

Herbal Christmas Wreath

1h 15min


1 Advent Wreath


Wet oasis wreath ring


Pillar candles of different sizes

One bunch of

Eucalyptus cinerea

One bunch of

Acacia denis boden

One bunch of

Pinus strobus

One bunch of

Eucalyptus populus

1. Put the wet floral foam ring in water and let it soak (for around 30 minutes).

2. Cut single branches from the greenery.

3. Strip the leaves from the ends of the branches. This allows the branches to stick in the foam ring better and keeps the leaves dry.

4. Stick the greenery into the foam ring at an angle, moving around the ring from the inside to the outside.

5. Place the next layers in alternating rows until the entire foam ring is full of greenery.

6. Place the candles in the middle of the Advent wreath.

7. Regularly water the Christmas wreath to keep the oasis wet.


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Herbal Christmas Wreath
Ricola Herbal Christmas Wreath How-To - Step  1
Ricola Herbal Christmas Wreath How-To - Step  2
Ricola Herbal Christmas Wreath How-To - Step  3


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