We produce six billion herb drops at our facility in Laufen each year. Put another way, Ricola supplies the world with 24,000 tons of concentrated herbal goodness year after year.

A tried and trusted recipe

The recipe for our 13-herb mixture has been tested to perfection. Since 1940 it has remained virtually unchanged. Other ingredients are added to the highly concentrated extract depending on the flavor of the herb drop. We use selected aromatic herbs and sugar or sugar substitutes to enhance our recipes. Ricola is committed to ensuring that all ingredients are from natural source and of a high quality, and we exclusively use natural flavorings.

We produce all of our products in Switzerland. We have been packing our products both in Switzerland and in the target market countries for many years now. This is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Because we care

Made with love and expertise

Who makes sure our drops taste so good? That’s right, our certified Ricola candy maker! Find out how to become a candy-making expert by watching this video.

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