The herb mixture – the core of our products

The story of its discovery could be out of a fairy tale. But the 13-herb mixture did not come about by chance. Quite the opposite, in fact.

From nature lover to inventor

Emil Richterich

The story began in summer 1940. Master baker and company founder Emil Richterich had long been interested in herbs and how they could be used, taking inspiration from the renowned Swiss herb specialist Johann Künzle. However, Richterich was not content to simply learn about the various herbs native to Switzerland – he started to experiment with them and unearth their special properties. And his efforts were not in vain: that summer, Richterich created the recipe used in the Ricola herb drops which are famous around the world today.

Herbs sourced locally

Emil Richterich sourced the 13 herbs used to create the special Ricola mixture from the Laufental District, now home to the company’s headquarters. The master baker may also have been inspired by the weird and wonderful names of some of the herbs and the special qualities they are said to have. The exact recipe remains a secret today.

13-herb blend

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