The word “thyme” is derived from the Greek thyo, which means “sacrifice”. The ancient Greeks believed that the scent of thyme represented activity, valor and courage, and was effective at banishing evil spirits.

Thymus vulgaris
Thymus vulgaris


Plant family Lamiaceae (labiate)
Flowering season May to October
Harvest Flowering herb: May to October
Vegetation Dry, sunny land, field paths, edges of fields and forests.


Why does the herb have yellow or brown leaves?

Towards the end of their growththe green leaves of herbs increasingly turn yellow and brown. This indicates that the plant is preparing for winter and increasingly suspends photosynthesis. This process depends on climatic conditions such as sunshine duration, temperature and soil moisture. Due to Arosa's altitude, the nights get cold very early, causing discoloration to beginalreadyin late summer. But do not worry: in spring the herb sprouts anew and shines again in rich green.


Thyme honey

Fill a preserving jar with thyme flowers and then pour quality honey over the top until the flowers are covered. Firmly close the preserving jar, turn it on its head and leave for four weeks.

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