Ricola interactive trail in Arosa

Have you ever wondered who invented Ricola, or how the herbs get made into drops? You can find out at the 10 interactive stations of the Ricola trail in Arosa, which takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of Ricola. You and the whole family can smell, look, taste and, above all, be amazed at all the secrets of the traditional Swiss company.

Information about the interactive trail

  • You can start the interactive trail either at Hof Maran or at the Arosa Bear Sanctuary.

  • The trail takes you on a gentle walk of around one hour.

  • The trail is suitable for anyone over the age of eight.

  • To make use of all the interactive features, you will need a smartphone and an internet connection.

  • The trail is open during the summer season.

The route is flat and mostly paved with asphalt. The trail is suitable for strollers. Wheelchair users can hire a JST Mountain Drive wheelchair at the midway station, which can be used to navigate the trail. For more details, please contact local tourist information.