For our precious bees

No bees, no herbs. Find out what we are doing to protect our most hard-working helpers.

The dramatic loss of honey bee colonies is endangering humanity’s basic natural food sources and threatening natural biodiversity. We are fully aware of it and are taking this global concern to heart. Because without bees there would be no herbs. Through the Ricola Foundation, we are therefore supporting various projects that fight bee mortality.

One of these projects is the international network COLOSS (Prevention of honey bee COLony LOSSes). The project is dedicated to researching and containing global honey bee colony losses. Its aim is to systematically investigate the causes of bee mortality and to introduce adequate protective measures for the bees. The support of the Ricola Foundation helps the organization to continue developing and maintaining its global network of research institutions, universities and apiarists. COLOSS currently has 265 members from 56 countries.

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