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Repotting herbs

Grab some pots! The correct repotting of herbs is the basis for a good nutrient supply and strong root growth of the plant. Find tips and tricks on how to properly repot herbs.

Repot herbs



No matter the number of herbs


  • A small trowel

  • Gardening gloves

1. Once your herbs have grown a little, it’s time to give them a bit more room.

2. For larger herbs like rosemary, a pot or container with a diameter of 30–40 cm is ideal.

3. Smaller herbs like thyme only need a diameter of 20 cm.

4. It’s important that the base of the pot has enough holes to drain excess water.

5. Place a stone in each of the drainage holes so that the earth doesn’t fall out but the water can drain and not collect at the bottom.

6. Fill the pot with enough earth that the herb seedling will protrude over the brim, and make a recess in the middle.

7. Carefully remove the herb seedling and its roots from the original pot.

8. Place the seedling in the recess in the new pot.

9. Fill the rest of the pot with earth until the roots are entirely covered in earth and the plant is stable.

10. Water the earth and place the pot outside or in a sunny spot.

Repot herbs

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