Laufen, 04.10.2021

Traditional Swiss brand Ricola launches new global brand design

Laufen, 4. October 2021 – Following a strategic review and refined positioning, Ricola relaunches its iconic packaging design. Loved throughout the world for its delightful taste and natural Swiss alpine herbs, Ricola appeals to a growing consumer base and wants to contribute to their well-being.

The brand has honed its expertise since 1930 when Emil Richterich began making herbal drops in Laufen. Today this is still the home of the brand, where Ricola works in partnership with Swiss herb farmers, to cultivate the mountain herbs naturally, in accordance with the standards of Bio Suisse.

With USA the biggest market, the brand now has a global reach across 45 countries.

The strategic review has led to a refined positioning, supported by design, advertising and social media. The new positioning builds on Ricola’s cornerstones which have not changed since the invention of the original blend: naturally cultivated herbs, a perfect balance between functionality and enjoyment, and the company's Swiss origins. The new design reflects this with a confident evolution, clearly setting out the brand’s unique claim ‘made with Swiss alpine herbs’, now locked into a refined more natural logo.

Showcasing the core design heroes

Thomas Meier, CEO of Ricola, says: “We need to showcase our natural attributes and ensure consumers can navigate an extensive range with ease. Our strategy is seamless with the new design direction, which quite simply makes Ricola more of what it is, and always has been. Staying true to the essence of the brand was very important. Ricola prompts pleasure through its affinity and commitment to nature – a brand for everyone, everyday everywhere.”

The core design heroes the iconic amber cube surrounded by the special herbs which are the unique blend of Ricola. Each is beautifully illustrated by a botanical artist. The historical Ricola trapezoid, reminiscent of a plant marker, is central to the design. A crisp white keyline ensures the legibility of the logo against a host of different colours. The new global packaging design and customized logo for Ricola have been designed and created by the brand design agency Lewis Moberly.

Panoramic scene in every click box lid

The familiar click box lid now opens to a panoramic scene of the Swiss Alps, changing from flavour to flavour. A breath of fresh air in a box full of delicious Ricola drops.

Thomas Meier adds “The packaging design is the key ambassador for the brand. It’s the moment of truth in retail. Consumer testing backed by our own judgement demonstrated the new design is more impactful, engaging and informative. It has the integrity and quality inherent in our own brand values.”

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