Refreshingly new: Ricola Glacier Mint

Natural and pure as a glacier: Ricola Glacier Mint is the freshest discovery of the winter. With its new herb drop in practical boxes, Ricola is bringing real “Chrüterchraft” combined with the natural freshness of an alpine glacier to the candy shelf from January 2015.

Laufen near Basel, January 16, 2015 – Ricola Glacier Mint combines the tried and tested Ricola blend of 13 herbs with fresh peppermint and promises an intense mint taste sensation. The new flavor has strong refreshing notes and stands out thanks to softly accented peppermint enriched with a hint of menthol. Ricola Glacier Mint clears the airways and tempts with its natural taste sensation inspired by the popular 13-herb blend.
The transparent, emerald green color of the herb drops reflects the purity and freshness of an alpine glacier and calls to mind the natural origins of the peppermint. As with all its herb drops, Ricola places great emphasis on the organic cultivation of the herbs. The peppermint used in Ricola Glacier Mint is grown on the fertile soils of a glacier moraine in the Swiss Alps and is cultivated exclusively by a single family of herb growers. Peppermint contains menthol essential oil and has long been used for colds, sneezes and sore throats, due to its soothing and cooling effect. Ricola Glacier Mint is therefore the perfect companion at the cold time of year and always ensures long-lasting enjoyment.
Ricola Glacier Mint is sugar-free and available in both resealable pocket boxes and classic bags. Thanks to its handy format, the box fits in every purse and is particularly practical when travelling – the natural freshness of an alpine glacier on the go!

About Ricola

Ricola AG is one of the world’s most modern and innovative manufacturers of herb drops. Ricola herb specialties are exported to more than 50 countries and are famous for their fine Swiss quality. Founded in 1930, with company headquarters in Laufen and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA, Ricola now produces around 60 different herb drops and tea specialties. Group sales amounted to CHF 313 million at the end of 2013.
In Switzerland, this family-owned company is a pioneer in herb cultivation and places great value on using carefully selected locations and controlled, environmentally friendly cultivation methods without the use of pesticides and herbicides. Ricola has concluded fixed long-term purchase agreements with more than 100 farmers in Swiss mountain regions.
Ricola is a responsible employer of more than 400 staff and is committed to sustainable corporate management: economically, socially and ecologically. The traditional values of a family-run enterprise coupled with Swiss quality and a passion for innovation are crucial factors in the success of the Ricola global brand.

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