Natural methods from Switzerland

We give our herbs the time they need to grow. But once they have been harvested, we have to work quickly. Because fresh herbs are sensitive, it is not good to keep them in transit for long periods of time. This is why we cultivate and process our herbs right here in Switzerland. The plants are sent to the Herb Center at our production site in Laufen, where they are dried, cleaned, cut, stored, and mixed. Next, the natural essences and active ingredients are extracted from the herbs and mixed together with all the other ingredients. This mixture is cooked, molded into drops and pearls, and left to cool. In other words, every single step of the production process takes place in Switzerland.


  • 124 football pitches: the size of the area on which Ricola herbs are cultivated in Switzerland

  • 250 tons of dried herbs are processed per year

  • 35,000 drops per minute
    (or seven billion per year!)

  • Our product range runs the gamut from drops to pearls to teas, all based on herbs and in different flavors.

  • We reuse the waste heat from the production process for purposes such as heating the buildings.

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