Natural Relief Honey-Lemon

Natural Alternative for Fast Acting Throat Relief*

With 10 herbs
Grown using natural methods
With honey
Natural flavorings only
Natural colorings only
With sugar

Sugar, glucose syrup, humectant (glycerol), glucose-fructose syrup, honey (1,3%), concentrated lemon juice (0,5%) extract (0,4%) of Ricola's herb mixture, natural flavourings, acid (citric acid), menthol (0,24%), colour (beta-carotene).

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Soothes Voice & Relieves Sore Throat

Ricola Natural Relief combines menthol - a natural oral anesthetic - and a soothing syrup centre with Ricola's proprietary blend of natural Swiss herbs to provide a natural alternative for fast acting throat relief.

Ricola Bonbon
Unique herb blend
With honey
Natural flavorings only

The Honey Lemon lozenge is filled with Honey and Menthol syrup, and is specially made to soothe your voice and relieve sore throats. Savour the complementary flavours of sweet honey and tangy lemon, as the lozenge lubricates your throat – like a refreshing glass of pure mountain spring water would.

Also available in Swiss Cherry for relief of cough and throat irritation, and Extra Menthol Swiss Mint to relieve nose and irritated throat.

MAHP1800083 *Individual response varies.