Ricola Herbal beard oil How-To

Herbal beard oil


A distinct beard needs to be taken care of. Instead of using synthetic care products from the supermarket, a homemade, natural beard oil often works just as well, too. Give your beard what it deserves!

Herbal beard oil



1 vial (50 ml)

25 ml

Almond oil

25 ml

Jojoba oil

5 drops

Peppermint oil


  • Container for the oil (tip: a pipette bottle is perfect)

  • Measuring cup

  • Funnel

1. Measure the three oils carefully and mix well.

2. Pour the oil mixture into a container. A pipette bottle is ideal.

3. You can now massage a small amount of the oil into your beard.


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Herbal beard oil


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Original Herb

Made from a secret recipe since 1940.

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