Swollen throat

When every swallow feels like sandpaper in your throat, there’s only one thing to do: use your best sign language to ask for these Ricola recipes.


  • “I always gargle with salt water.”
    Monika Mayer, consumer services Switzerland

  • “My anti-soar-throat remedy is as follows: I mix raspberries and thyme and cook them for ten minutes, then add honey. I’ll then take the mixture four to five times a day.”
    Anna Jan, Sales Support Manager Emerging Markets

  • “I find gargling sage tea helps.”
    Patrik Hänggi, secretary of the Board of Directors, CEO support team

  • “Fortunately I’ve got sage growing in my garden. When I feel a sore throat coming on, I chew on a few fresh sage leaves.”
    Dorothea Franz, postal service

  • “If my throat’s playing up, there’s only one thing that works for me: dissolving four or five herb drops in hot water and drinking it slowly.”
    Erika Franco, HR

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