The FAQ page contains answers to frequently asked questions and key information about our products.

Ricola realizes aspartame has been getting bad press and we continue to research natural sweeteners to replace it without compromising the quality and great taste of our Sugar Free Drops.  In the meantime, you may be interested to know that we offer our Original Swiss Herb Drops with Stevia as an alternative option.

The herbs for Ricola products are cultivated using natural methods. This means no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are used. However, not all Ricola herb farmers have Bio Suisse certification. To meet the strict Bio Suisse guidelines, a farm must use organic methods in all areas (cereals, fruit production, animal husbandry, etc.) More than two thirds of Ricola herb farmers already meet the Bio Suisse requirements.

Ricola does not use ingredients derived from animals in any of our drops. While several of our flavors do contain honey, use of this ingredient follows fair trade guidelines. We understand the use honey is subject to one’s personal definition of vegan classification, therefore our drops are classified as vegetarian. A list of ingredients can be located on the back label of all of our products as well as our Products page. Our suppliers also guarantee that their finished ingredients do not contain any residue of animal derivatives, however they cannot guarantee that their process is completely free of animal derived processing aids (i.e. production lubricants).

All our products use the proven Ricola blend of 10 herbs and contain essential oils as active ingredients. Homeopathic doctors state that intensive aromas and flavours (e.g. essential oils) will inhibit the effect of homeopathic remedies. Therefore, Ricola herb products should not be enjoyed immediately before or after taking homeopathic remedies.

All Ricola products are considered gluten free according to Food and Drug regulations Canada.and are therefore suited for persons with gluten intolerance.

All Ricola products are considered lactose free according to Health Canada regulations and are suitable for persons with lactose intolerance.

We have no direct sales or factory sales outlets open to individuals for retail purposes. Our Ricola herb products are only available to purchase through our recognized sales partners.
Our sales partners only sell products to the wholesale trade in the relevant country and have no direct retail outlets.

Our advertising strategy is restricted to our activities primarily through TV advertising, radio, posters, the Internet, etc. Therefore, we only agree sponsoring commitments that are 100% in keeping with our brand values and are part of a fixed budget. The only exceptions are associations and events located in the vicinity of our company headquarters in Laufen (BL).

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive in connection with fundraisers, club events, private celebrations, etc., unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide free samples and/or advertising materials for every occasion.

Ricola herb drops are sensitive to moisture. If they are incorrectly stored, or after the pack is opened, moisture can cause the drops to crystallize on the surface. This is indicated by a milky or dull color. Heavy crystallization changes the surface significantly and may cause cracks to appear. This is accompanied by an almost complete loss of flavor. Ricola herb drops that appear milky or dull can still be enjoyed until the "best-before" date. We recommend storing Ricola products in a cool, dry place (not in the refrigerator) and consuming the herb drops soon after the pack is opened.

All of our bagged cough, throat and vitamin C drops sold in Canada are kosher (Ricola Kosher Certificate (PDF-Download)). Our drops that are sold in sticks are not.