Ricola Peace and quiet are the best medicine

Peace and quiet are the best medicine

Onion, honey and ginger tea. Everybody has a home remedy for fighting a common cold.

Interesting Facts

“I cook onions with the skin on, leave them to cool, add honey and then leave them again for two to three days to create a syrup. I swallow one spoon of syrup three times a day.”
Adriana Kuzmisinova, Country Manager Eastern Europe 

 “I inhale eucalyptus and mint three times a day and eat home-made leek soup with onion and garlic.”
Anna Jan, Sales Support Manager Emerging Markets

“When I’m not feeling 100%, I drink a lot of tea and have a detox bath. In general, I feel better when I’m warm, which is why I wear warm socks. I give my body the time it needs to rest and recover.”
Nicole Karrer, herb cultivation

“I drink ginger syrup with sugar or honey.”
Emanuela Busi, Marketing Italy

“I apply an onion compress to my ears and chest. It doesn’t sound great, but it works.”
Monika Mayer, Consumer Service Switzerland

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