Ricola Cough and Cold Relief

Cough and Cold Relief

For Every Stage of Being Sick

From that first tickle in the back of your throat to a bad cough that ends up in your chest, Ricola is there to support you along each step of having a cold. Using the goodness of nature to stand by your side from beginning to end.

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Cough and Cold Relief

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What starts out as a tickle can suddenly turn into a sore throat. Then before too long, you’re starting to cough. And now? You’re officially sick. Turn to nature’s goodness in the form of Ricola herb drops. And help soothe these first symptoms of a cold. 

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When your cold is at its worst, you might have a bad cough and sore throat hitting you all at once. Making it so disruptive to your life, you’ll do anything to feel better. That’s the time to get Ricola with the relief of menthol. 

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Just when you think you might be over a cold, you’re often not feeling 100%. You wish you were all better, but cough & sore throat symptoms can linger longer. That’s why Ricola stays by your side. Supporting you on the final road to your recovery.

To relieve coughs and sore throats, we recommend:

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