Wild thyme


The wild cousin of garden thyme is also called creeping thyme. It leads a tougher existence than its garden counterpart, is somewhat stouter and develops fewer flowers. The common name “thyme” is derived from the Greek thyo, which means “to make a sacrifice to the gods”. The ancient Greeks believed that the scent of thyme represented activity, valor and courage, and was effective at banishing evil spirits.

Thymus serpyllumolens
Thymus serpyllumolens


Plant family Lamiaceae (labiate)
Flowering season June to October
Harvest Flowering herb without roots: July to August
Vegetation Dry, sunny soil, field paths, edges of fields and forests, sand and cliffs up to 4,500 meters above sea level.

Interesting Fact

Dried thyme

Dried wild thyme is perfect for use in tea and for medicinal inhalation. Simply collect flowering thyme, bind into bunches and hang up to dry in the shade.

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