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We’re more than happy to assist you with any further queries, requests or suggestions you might have. Before sending us a message, have a quick check through our FAQs – you may find the answer you’re looking for there. If not, feel free to send us your question via the form below. Please select the subject of your enquiry to ensure your question is forwarded to the correct department.

Where can I purchase Ricola products?

Ricola products are available nationwide at most food, drug and mass retailers. Alternatively, you can visit, and order online. If your favorite flavor isn’t offered, it may have been discontinued and may no longer be available in the US.

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Are all your products Kosher?

All of our bagged cough, throat and vitamin C drops sold in the US are kosher (Ricola Kosher Certificate (PDF-Download) attached). Our drops that are sold in sticks are not.

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Are Ricola products gluten-free?

While Ricola does not add gluten or gluten containing ingredients to our products, it is scientifically impossible for us (or anyone) to say a product is 100% gluten free. All testing methods have a level of detection below which the material cannot be tested for. However, we can claim that all Ricola products are within the limits for gluten established by the Swiss Celiac Association. The limits are a maximum of 20 mg gluten per kilogram of finished product. Product that is within this limit can be considered, according to the Swiss Celiac Association, as suitable for celiac patients. In the United States there are no established government standards as to what can be considered gluten free or what is safe for use in celiac patients. Ricola products contain less than 0.002% (less than 20 parts per million) gluten. We urge you to share this information with your doctor or contact the Celiac Sprue Association of the USA @1-877-CSA-4CSA (1-877-272-4272).

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Why are the original cough drops shaped differently, and do you plan on changing the shape?

Ricola original herb cough drops are made today exactly as they were made more than 80 years ago, when they were first invented. The drop’s unmistakable cube shape and its balanced flavor remain a constant and popular signature to this day. Newer Ricola varieties are produced using a different process, giving them an oval shape. At this stage, there are no plans to change the shape of the original herb cough drop.

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Why are there fewer drops in the sugar-free bag than the regular?

Sugar-free products are more costly to manufacture than the sugar based product. To keep pricing within a reasonable range, the sugar-free bags contain 19 drops, while the sugar bags contain between 21 and 24 drops, depending on the flavor.

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Are Ricola products safe for pregnant women?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, talk with your health professional before using our products.

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Can I order Ricola products online?

Yes, you can visit and order Ricola online (purchases only within the US).

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What does ‘Ricola’ mean?

The name Ricola is derived from the name of the owner family, Richterich, and the name of the town in Switzerland where Ricola products were invented and are still produced today -  Laufen. So take the first two letters of RIchterich COmpany LAufen - and you have RICOLA!

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How do you pronounce Ricola?

This is a question we get asked all the time and it just so happens there is no one ‘right’ way. Should you feel particularly harmonious and want to scream our name from the mountaintops, may we suggest "Riiii-colaaa" (listen).

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My pet ate several cough drops. What should I do?

Our products are made from natural ingredients. However, we have never tested our products on animals and our products are not intended for animal consumption. If you have a pet that has ingested our cough drops, please contact your veterinarian.

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Why do your cough drops contain the artificial sweetener aspartame?

We realize aspartame has been getting bad press and we are working hard to find a natural sweetener to replace it with, but this takes time. We want to make sure that whatever new ingredient we use, it offers the same great taste as our Sugar Free Cough Drops do now. While Stevia is one option that comes to mind, the FDA has not approved it to be used in drug products and cough drops are considered a drug.  At Ricola, we are aware of our responsibility to produce irreproachable products. As such, we continuously follow discussions relating to aspartame and monitor trends and alternative ingredients to satisfactorily sweeten our sugar-free products. We appreciate your patience and please know that we are working hard on a solution.

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Does Ricola use starch syrup and what it is made of?

Ricola does use starch syrup in the manufacture of its hard boiled and center-filled drops with sugar (it is not used in sugar-free Ricola products). For hard boiled drops we use the starch from sweet corn (Zea mays L.). For center-filled drops we use the starch from sweet corn (Zea mays L.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L. (T. vuilgare Vil.)). Ricola products are gluten free (according to Codex Alimentarius; < 20mg/kg).

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Are your products lactose and soy free?

All Ricola products are lactose and soy free.

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My product does not have an expiration date – how do I know when it expires?

We started putting a regular expiration date on our packaging in April of 2012. If you don’t see a regular expiration date on your package, then please dispose of the product. Ricola Cough Drops have a two year shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place.

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Where can I find nutritional information about your products?

Please click on the “Products” tab of this website and then go to the flavor you are interested in and you will find this information on that page.

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Is this product discontinued?

Listed below are the items that Ricola has discontinued. These items have been discontinued due to low consumer demand.
a. Tea
b. Cough Syrup
c. Nature’s Protection
d. Refreshers
e. Breath Mints (Pearls)

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Are Ricola Cough Drops vegan/animal-product free?

We are in receipt of your e-mail inquiry regarding if Ricola drops are animal free. Our flavor range includes products with honey and these substances are always listed in the ingredients on the back of our bags. For products without honey, we do not use any animal derived ingredients. While our suppliers guarantee that their finished products do not contain any residues of animal derived ingredients, they cannot guarantee that their process is completely free of animal derived processing aids.

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Do Ricola Cough Drops contain peanuts, tree nuts, or coconut?

Ricola Cough Drops contain no tree nuts or peanuts. However, regarding coconut, one of the lubricants used on the production equipment of our supplier may contain small amounts of coconut. Since our drops do come in contact with this machinery, the amount of coconut present on a drop would be extremely small, if present at all.

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Do Ricola Cough Drops contain GMO ingredients?

At this time, there are no regulations in the United States regarding non-GMO product manufacturing or labelling, but Ricola products are manufactured in accordance with European regulations regarding GMO and comply with these requirements (European Regulation 1829/2003 and 1830/200). Should such GMO regulations be implemented in the United States, it would be our intention to comply with those regulations for our products. Ricola holds the highest quality standards to ensure we provide our customers and consumers with safe, effective and high quality products.

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I cannot find Ricola Sugar Free Breath Mints

Ricola has discontinued the Sugar Free Breath Mints.

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