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Ricola is among the top 20 Swiss brands

The excellent reputation of the Ricola brand is now well known outside Switzerland. It is no surprise that Ricola is among the top 20 best-known Swiss brands.

Multi-award winning and an excellent reputation

Ricola is a genuine Swiss company and global brand. The annual brand study published by the Young & Rubicam group 2011 also confirmed that Ricola ranks proudly among the top 20 Swiss brands.

Ricola has received many awards in recent years, including the “Most Trusted Brand” award from Reader’s Digest readers each year from 2008 to 2013 and the “Swiss Star” award of the Swiss Packaging Institute in 2008.
Ricola also a “Most Trusted Brand” in 2013

Ricola also a “Most Trusted Brand” in 2013

Reader’s Digest analyzes the most trusted brands in 15 European countries. In Switzerland alone, over 1,500 consumers participated. Ricola achieved the highest trust rating, the same as for the 2008-2012 consumer surveys, and was chosen as “Most Trusted Brand 2013” for the confectionery product category.

Brand Asset Valuator

Brand Asset Valuator

The Young & Rubicam Group has presented the new brand asset valuator. The largest brand study in Switzerland shows that in times of crisis the Swiss revert to their traditional values and virtues. The most comprehensive brand analysis in Switzerland compiles a database of over 1,100 brands and carries out nearly 1,000 detailed surveys via the GfK market research institute. The study was launched in 1995 and has been carried out annually since 2006.

The 20 most influential brands include many traditional Swiss brands such as Rivella, Lindt, Gruyère or Ricola. Only a handful of international brands such as Coca-Cola, Ikea or Nivea can compete against the Swiss power brands. Knorr and Magnum are new additions to the list.

Swiss Packaging Institute award 2008 / public prize

Swiss Packaging Institute award 2008 / public prize

The Ricola herb cough drop drum is a favorite packaging with the Swiss. On 18 November 2008, at the Pack&Move trade show in Basel, the winners of the 2008 public prize were announced. The canpeel® recloseable drum, submitted by the company O. Kleiner AG, was a clear winner with 335 votes. The proud winner was awarded a SWISS STAR for its innovative packaging solution.

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