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Why does Ricola use the artificial sweetener aspartame in its sugar-free products?

Aspartame is used as a sweetener on account of its rounded flavor and because it does not damage the teeth.

We are convinced that aspartame is not harmful to your health. We refer to specialist reports and recommendations compiled by internationally recognized expert committees. Aspartame is an extremely well researched sweetener, as it is used in many products worldwide. Independent international organizations such as the FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have tested the safety of aspartame and confirm that this product is safe for human consumption.

We naturally also aim to develop and use natural, calorie-reducing sweeteners that are good for the teeth. We are currently testing Stevia, which is an interesting alternative.

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Do all the herbs conform to the Bio Suisse standards?

The herbs for Ricola products are cultivated using organic methods. This means no herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are used. However, not all Ricola herb farmers have Bio Suisse certification. To meet the strict Bio Suisse guidelines, a farm must use organic methods in all areas (cereals, fruit production, animal husbandry, etc.) More than two thirds of Ricola herb farmers already meet the Bio Suisse requirements.

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I am a Vegan. Can I consume Ricola products?

The substances used to produce our basic ingredients may contain animal products. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain accurate information from our ingredients suppliers. We therefore can make no guarantees that the manufacture of our basic ingredients excludes animal products. In our production facility, we also make products using honey and gelatin. Please read the list of ingredients on each pack.

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I am a Vegetarian. Can I consume Ricola products?

Ricola herb specialties are generally suitable for vegetarians. Some of our products contain substances that are not suitable for all categories of vegetarianism. The list of ingredients on the pack contains full details of all substances.

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I am using homeopathic remedies. Which Ricola products am I allowed to consume?

All our products use the proven Ricola blend of 13 herbs and contain essential oils as natural flavorings. Homeopathic doctors state that intensive aromas and flavors (e.g. essential oils) will inhibit the effect of homeopathic remedies. Therefore, Ricola herb products should not be enjoyed immediately before or after taking homeopathic remedies.

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Are Ricola products gluten-free?

All Ricola herb specialties conform to the Swiss Food Regulations (governing the description and labeling of foodstuffs) and are gluten-free.

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Are Ricola products lactose-free?

All Ricola herb specialties are lactose-free, in accordance with the Swiss Food Regulations.

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Can I order products directly from Ricola?

We have no direct sales or factory sales outlets open to individuals for retail purposes. Our Ricola herb products are only available to purchase through our recognized sales partners.

Our sales partners only sell products to the wholesale trade in the relevant country and have no direct retail outlets.

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I am looking for potential sponsors. Can Ricola offer me support?

Our advertising strategy is restricted to our activities primarily through TV advertising, radio, posters, the Internet, etc. Therefore, we only agree sponsoring commitments that are 100% in keeping with our brand values and are part of a fixed budget. The only exceptions are associations and events located in the vicinity of our company headquarters in Laufen (BL).

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I am organizing an event. Can Ricola provide herb drops and/or advertising materials?

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we receive in connection with tombolas, club events, private celebrations, etc., unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide free samples and/or advertising materials for every occasion.

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