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Ricola herbal sweets – a true taste of nature

What is the secret of our mouthwateringly good sweets? Take 13 Swiss herbs, plenty of skill and immense passion.

Since the invention of the Swiss original herbal sweet using 13 herbs, Ricola has produced fine quality herbal sweets with great passion and skill. Still to this day, all Ricola herbal sweets have one thing in common: The blend of 13 herbs – a mouthwateringly good taste.


Ricola original herbal sweets taste mouthwateringly good thanks to the power of the 13-herb blend.

Cherry Honey

A delicate, fruity blend of cherry and honey, seasoned with Ricola's herb mixture.


Delicious Cranberries give this Ricola herb drop its special fruity, tangy flavour.


The floral fragrance of Elder blossom combined with the Ricola 13-herb blend awakens feelings of summer.

Honey Herb

Thousands of yellow and black-striped winged helpers collect the rich honey for Ricola’s fine Honey herb drop.

Lemon Mint

Lemon Mint is a flavour combination of the herb drop with the Ricola 13-herb blend and Menthol. With a refreshing lemony taste.


Luxurious Liquorice – now naturally sweetened with extracts from the stevia plant.

Mixed Berry

A refreshing blend of blueberries, raspberries, currants and herbs.

Orange Mint

Orange Mint, in combination with the Ricola 13-herb blend, produces the herb drop’s fruity and fresh natural flavour.