Honey Herb

Thousands of yellow and black-striped winged helpers collect the rich honey for Ricola’s fine Honey herb drop.

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Product detail

Content per herb drop (3.6g): Sugar, glucose syrup, honey, extract of Ricola 13-herb blend 36.7mg, natural flavorings, coloring (caramel), Menthol 1.3mg, Peppermint oil 1.3mg.
Nutrition Information
Per 100g: Energy 1630kJ (395kcal), protein 0g, carbohydrate 98g, fat 0 g.
Further Information
This product is considered gluten free under the Codex Standard and is therefore suited for persons with gluten intolerance.

This product is considered lactose-free under the Swiss Foodstuff Ordinance and is suitable for persons with lactose intolerance.

Soothing for the mouth and throat

Rich honey and the Ricola 13-herb blend create the fine taste of Ricola Honey herb drops. Fine and gentle enjoyment for all the family – with valuable substances from honey such as glucose, vitamins and minerals. Ricola Honey herb drops not only taste delicious, but this combination is soothing for the mouth and throat.

The herbs for this delicious herb drop are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using natural farming methods without chemical pesticides.