• Plant care

    Ricola herb farmers would rather inspect every single leaf individually than use chemical substances to combat insects or other pests.

    In growing its herbs, Ricola uses modern technology and traditional methods of manual cultivation. Herb cultivation is based on rigorous observation of organic practices and values. Weeds are removed by hand and insects are deterred with bio-sensitive products. Ricola herb farmers repeat the arduous weeding process many times before the herbs are ready for harvest.

    All our agricultural producers cultivate Ricola herbs using organic methods, incidentally 70% of our farms are officially certified organic farms. Therefore only the very best herbs reach our production halls from the herb fields. Our experts test the quality as soon as the herbs are harvested. Ricola works closely with the Bio Suisse federation, an umbrella organization for more than 30 certified organic farms in Switzerland. Living and working in harmony with nature is a long-standing tradition for the cultivation of Ricola herbs.