Ricola herb tea – pure enjoyment!

For warming up on cold days or getting up with ease in the morning! For refreshment or before going to sleep: Ricola herb teas are perfect any time of day!

Have you already discovered your favorite tea? Ricola herb tea tastes great whatever the weather! The flavors Lemon Mint, Original, Verbena and Mint are available as tea bags. Ricola herb tea is soothing for colds, dry coughs and helps you keep warm on cold days. In summer, chilled Ricola herb tea quenches the thirst.

As tea bags or instant tea: Ricola herb tea equals pure enjoyment.

Herb tea

You can enjoy all the goodness of Ricola herbs in a cup. The fine quality Herb tea blend also contains Swiss mountain herbs.

Swiss Mint

Mint power for your body: Ricola Mint tea is soothing for colds and makes a refreshing cool summer drink.


Tea with Verbena – the “enchanting herb” – whets your appetite for a refreshing and fruity thirst quencher with lemon flavor.

Lemon Mint tea

Stressed, nervous and in need of relaxation? Ricola Lemon Mint tea provides calming relief for nervous tension.

Instant tea

Ricola instant teas are the express drink – leaving you more time to enjoy them!