Sea Berry

The fruity and fresh herb drop – with the Ricola 13 Swiss herbs and enriching Sea Berry juice.

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Product detail

Isomalt, acidifier (citric acid), Sea Berry juice concentrate (0.6%), extract of Ricola 13-herb blend (0.5%), natural flavorings, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-k), lemon juice concentrate, Vitamin C, coloring (paprika extract).
Nutrition Information
Per 100 g: Energy 990 kJ (235 kcal), protein 0 g, carbohydrate 96 g, (including sugar 0 g, polyvalent alcohol 96 g, starch 0 g), fat 0 g (including saturated fatty acids 0 g), dietary fiber 0 g, natrium 0 g, Vitamin C 60 mg, equivalent to 100% of recommended daily intake.

Can have a mild laxative effect if overconsumed. Contains a phenylalanine source.
Further Information
Lactose intolerance
In accordance with the Swiss Food Regulations, Ricola products are lactose-free. Consumers with lactose intolerance can relax and enjoy Ricola herb specialties.

Gluten intolerance
Consumers with gluten intolerance can relax and enjoy Ricola herb specialties. All Ricola herb specialties are gluten-free, in accordance with the Swiss Food Regulations (governing the description and labeling of foodstuffs).

Extra strength for your immune system

Sea Berry strengthens your immune system. This “lemon of the North” with its sharp and tangy flavor contains three to seven times more Vitamin C than the lemon. The plant with the eye-catching bright orange berries also contains a Vitamin B series and the beta-carotene levels are higher than carrots! This is not only healthy, but tastes delicious! The herb drop contains real Sea Berry juice and the proven Ricola 13-herb blend.

The herbs for this delicious herb drop are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using organic farming methods without chemical pesticides.